McKinney WTHD Continous Hinge 95, Dark Anodized Aluminum

McKinney WTHD Continous Hinge 95, Dark Anodized Aluminum


McKinney 76824, Continuous Hinges Full Mortise Edge Hung Flush Door


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Aluminum Continuous Geared Hinges

McKinney WTHD Continous Hinge 95, Dark Anodized Aluminum Finish

McKinney Aluminum Continuous Geared Hinges use two geared sections with a continuous cap that conceals both the gears and the wear surface. These self-aligning continuous hinges are suitable for use on wood, aluminum and hollow metal doors and frames.

These continuous geared hinges minimize lateral wear and virtually eliminate door sag. The design of the gears keeps the door in perfect alignment from top to bottom, resulting in a even swinging door no matter how heavy it may be.

The continuous hinges are available in Full Mortise for an edge mount, Full Mortise with an 1/8” inset, again for edge mounts, and a Full Mortise Edge Mount for flush doors. A Full Surface swing gear style is also available.

McKinney Aluminum Continuous Geared Hinges can also be electrified in 3 different ways to provide power to door operating and locking hardware. A Serviceable/Removable (SER) hinge comes in 3 sections to all the current carrying cable to be services or replaces without removing the door from the frame. Continuous hinges are also available with an accessible feature (ACC) and quick connections (QC) with wires running through the hinge already.

Please note that as part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, McKinney electrified hinges can be fitted for the ElectroLynx system to integrate perfectly with a power source, operating system door controls.

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