Rockwood 455 Curved Roller Stop SMS
Actual Product and Finish May Vary

Rockwood 455 Curved Roller Stop SMS


Rockwood Curved Roller Stop SMS

Rockwood Manufacturing

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US26D/626 - Brass Satin Chrome Plated
US15/619 - Brass Satin Nickel Plated Clear Coated [+$5.33]
US3/605 - Brass Polished Clear Coated [+$1.14]
US4/606 - Brass Satin Clear Coated [+$2.95]
US10/612 - Bronze Satin Clear Coated [+$2.95]
US10B/613 - Bronze Satin Oxidized Oil Rubbed [+$4.00]
US26/625 - Brass Polished Chrome Plated [+$5.04]

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Hardware > Builders Hardware > Door Hardware > Trim & Auxiliary > Door Stops > Floor Mounted

Rockwood 455 Curved Roller Stop SMS

For use where doors swing into each other at odd angles

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