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Alarm Controls 10318-00 Power Transfer, Door Cord 7", Nickel

Alarm Controls 10318-00 Power Transfer, Door Cord 7", Nickel


Genuine Alarm Controls Power Transfer, Door Cord 7", Nickel

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Alarm Controls 10318-00 Power Transfer, Door Cord 7", Nickel

Access control systems work on electrical power, and the power system from Alarm Controls provides what it takes for magnetic and electromechanical locks. It has universal AC input of 110 to 240 volts AC and sufficient output for up to three electromagnetic locks or electric strikes plus required exit devices.

Of course, the most important feature of the system is the battery backup. This access control power supply has precise battery regulation for all sealed lead acid batteries. It is designed so that the battery is always online. There is no temporary outage when the power goes out, and it operates during brownouts.

Providing power to magnetic locks is a vital component of an access control system, and Alarm Controls offers power supply systems in three different configurations. Brose through the list to determine which system meets your needs.

Access Control systems require maintenance, so be sure to install a simple kill switch on the magnetic lock power supply. The switch goes into the system after the AC source and the battery backup, making it easy to cut power to the whole system.

You can also find the armored door loops in this section if you need to replace or repair them on an existing exit request bar. Keep in mind that Alarm Controls exit request bars come with the armored door loop as part of the package.

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