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Alarm Controls PN2-111 DPDT Momentary Contacts

Alarm Controls PN2-111 DPDT Momentary Contacts


Genuine Alarm Controls D.P.D.T. Momentary Contacts

Alarm Controls

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Push Buttons

Alarm Controls PN2-111 DPDT Momentary Contacts

Push buttons are a simple idea. The operator can push them to operate the access control device on a magnetic lock, electric strike or electromechanical lock. Push buttons are also easy to install when you can get the right kind and the right accessories to go with that style.

Alarm Controls has a wide variety of push buttons, including stand alone, under the counter, vandal resistant and touchless push buttons. They also have covers and collars to prevent unintended operation.

The selection of access control push buttons includes large pneumatic mushroom buttons in green and red, and emergency “break glass” exit buttons. They include explosion-proof buttons for hazardous locations.

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