McKinney DLS-8 Double Lipped Strike, Dull Chrome
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McKinney DLS-8 Double Lipped Strike, Dull Chrome


McKinney 63320, Emergency & Misc. Hardware Combination Stop And Strike


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Rescue Hardware

McKinney DLS-8 Double Lipped Strike, Dull Chrome

Recommended for installations on hospital or nursing home bathroom doors along with our EP-5J and DS-6 Emergency Stop. This unit allows center hung or 1/8" inset doors to be opened in both directions without damaging the frame.

McKinney rescue hardware is suitable for any school, hospital, nursing home or other institution where the door is designed to open in either direction without damaging the frame.

Most rescue hardware cannot be used with deadbolts, and may not work with mortise locks.

Rescue hardware is available for doors of various thickness and weight. Custom units are available for frame sizes of 3 1/2" to 10”.

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