McKinney J3001 Pivot Hinge, Dull Brass
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McKinney J3001 Pivot Hinge, Dull Brass


McKinney 157117, Ajax Double Acting Horizontal Pivot Hingewith Jamb Attaching Plate


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Spring Hinges and Pivots

McKinney J3001 Pivot Hinge, Dull Brass

Recommended for use on hollow metal or wood doors in residences, restaurants and other public places.

McKinney spring hinges and spring pivots are designed to close doors and work in situations where a door closing mechanism is either impractical or unsightly. McKinney has a dozen options to close a door by itself.

Generally, two hinges or pivots must be spring loaded to close a door. Some spring pivots allow the door to be opened in either direction and lock the door in place when it is opened 90 degrees.

McKinney spring hinges also include the Double Acting Clamp Flange Spring Hinge for trucking doorways. Three hinges are recommended for heavy doors, with the third hinge mounted near the top for better support.

And if you just need to put a spring on the door, McKinney has a Full Surface Double Acting Door Spring that will mount on the surface of the door and the frame. It is adjustable but requires no special tools.

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