McKinney QC-C400 QC12 - 50" Wire Harness 8 & 4 Pin Connector with 12 Wires
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McKinney QC-C400 QC12 - 50" Wire Harness 8 & 4 Pin Connector with 12 Wires


High Quality, Genuine McKinney Product, QC-C400 QC12 - 50" Wire Harness, 8 & 4 Pin Connector with12 wires


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McKinney QC-C400 QC12 - 50" Wire Harness 8 & 4 Pin Connector with 12 Wires

Connecting ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin and SARGENT next generation Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled hardware is quick and easy with new ElectroLynx® harnesses from McKinney. Molex connectors connect the hinge to the harness, and a standard RJ-45 connector connects the harness to the electrified door hardware.

Harnesses are available with the RJ-45 connector attached or loose in the package.The harnesses range in length from 30" up to 156" with custom lengths available (consult factory).

McKinney electrified hinges transfer power for door controls and electomechanical locks from the wall to the door by incorporating the wiring into the design of the hinge. They come in a variety of configurations that permit the installation in commercial and industrial applications.

As part of the ASSA ABLOY family of companies, McKinney offers the ElectroLynx Hinge with the Quick Connect (QC) option to easily connect with other electromechanical locks and electrical door controls offered by other companies in the family. The company also offers MacPro Electric hinges and Power over Ethernet (PoE) hinge and wiring harnesses

Other hinges include a concealed circuit (CC) option and a magnetic monitoring (MM) option.

The electrified hinges are also available in an aluminum continuous geared model and stainless steel pin and barrel continuous style. Electrified hinges come with 2 to 12 wires depending on the size of the hinge. They are manufactured in brass, stainless steel and steel in a full mortise, swing clear and wide throw models.

In addition, McKinney offers a wide variety of accessories to complement the operation of electrified hinges, including retrofit cables, door cords and service kits.

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