McKinney TA5793 Full Mortise Anchor Hinge 5" x 4-1/2" RH, Dull Bronze

McKinney TA5793 Full Mortise Anchor Hinge 5" x 4-1/2" RH, Dull Bronze


McKinney 75551, Full Mortise Anchor Hinge Sets Heavy Weight Beveled Edge Non-Ferrous Bearing


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Full Mortise Anchor Sets

McKinney TA5793 Full Mortise Anchor Hinge 5" x4-1/2" RH, Dull Bronze Finish

Recommended for use on standard weight, medium frequency doors in schools, hospitals or other public buildings

McKinney full mortise anchor sets are used in places where high traffic, abuse or a heavy door puts an unusual strain on the door, the jamb and the hinges. These high traffic door hinges have an anchor plate for the door, the jamb or both.

McKinney has 4 styles of anchor hinges all in the 3 knuckle configuration. Keep in mind that the anchor hinge is the top hinge only. Other hinges on the door are standard, or electrified, barrel hinges. Anchor hinges are available in either stainless steel or steel.

Concealed close anchor hinges are available with the anchor hinge configured for either the door or the jamb. These hinges are designed for use with concealed door holders or door closers. All sets include one anchor hinge and two 5”X 4 1/2" full mortise hinges.

Surface applied door closers allow the use of an anchor hinge with an anchor plate for both the jamb and the door. These hinges are available with either a standard door leg or an extended 4” door leg for additional support.

All anchor hinges in all styles insert the pin from the bottom of the barrel and hold it in place with an NRP set screw. They are all also available for doors that are doors that are beveled in the hinge side.

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