Pemko 154A Saddle Threshold, Mill Aluminum
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Pemko 154A Saddle Threshold, Mill Aluminum


Pemko Saddle Threshold, Mill Aluminum

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Pemko 154A Saddle Threshold, Mill Aluminum

  • To use a saddle threshold in an offset condition, use an elevator.
  • Pemko sells a variety of saddle thresholds for customers transitional needs. Offset saddle thresholds are commonly used to meet with an irregular floor surface, such as a carpet or tile on one side of the threshold and a different type of flooring surface on the other. When a floor surface is irregular, the offset saddle will help give your transitions a more complete feel and tie both surfaces of the floor together. This is particularly helpful when trying to align aesthetics of different textures.
  • Pemko’s saddle thresholds are supplied predrilled with machine screws of the appropriate length. There are some options that do not come predrilled, so check the product description before making further assumptions.
  • Pemko offers several options for the material base of your threshold, including: Extruded Aluminum thresholds, which are manufactured of tempered aluminum, 6063-T6. Architectural bronze/brass thresholds, which are manufactured of CDA alloy C38500. Roll Formed Aluminum Plates, which are manufactured from 5052-H32 Aluminum. Eco-V thresholds, which are manufactured using a bio-based, phthalate-free material with no heavy metals. Thresholds are available in numerous configurations and finishes for most applications.
  • Whether you are completing a residential room or transitioning an office space, Pemko offers you saddle threshold solutions to meet your needs.
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