Pemko 57DV Door Bottom Sweep, Dark Bronze
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Pemko 57DV Door Bottom Sweep, Dark Bronze


Pemko Door Bottom Sweep, Dark Bronze

Pemko Manufacturing

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Pemko 57DV Door Bottom Sweep, Dark Bronze

  • Door sweeps are surface applied to the face of a door.
  • They are commonly used on the exterior of outswing doors.
  • Door sweep channels are available in several styles with materials based on your application.
  • The inserts for door sweeps allow customers to choose from vinyl, neoprene, nylon brush and pile depending on the application.
  • Pemko door sweeps are designed to seal the gap between the bottom of the door and the top of the threshold as well as keep it free from any small dust or debris. Available in both gray brush and black finishes, Pemko offers a few varieties of colors and variations of the door sweep as far as materials composition goes. They are usually supplied with a flat flange, though other models are available. The flat flange provides one of the best contacts between the brush and the threshold or floor surface.
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