Pemko LH100 Low Profile Hardware Pack
Pemko LH100 Low Profile Hardware Pack

Pemko LH100 Low Profile Hardware Pack


Pemko Low Profile Hardware Pack

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Pemko LH100 Low Profile Hardware Pack

  • Pemko hardware packs are packages of selected hardware materials for purposes of meeting the hardware needs around gasketing, door solutions, and threshold solutions. Packs are tailor-made to provide easy grab-bags for those who have a specific product and the selection of multiple materials for the project.
  • Select packages are built to house a whole system for easy installation. For example, a kit might include hardware for a guide rail might include: 2284 Hangers 22, 286 Clip Stops, 1102N Nylon Guide, 2286 Stops, Mounting Hardware, and an Adjusting Wrench.
  • Since Pemko makes it easy for you to select the correct products for the projects you have to finish, you will be able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time without the hassle of worrying over the right part selection. Every Pemko hardware pack comes with a full list of supplies so you can easily make the selection you need.
  • Whatever your hardware needs, there is a good chance that Pemko will make a hardware pack to simplify your project.
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