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Pemko P382R50 Foam

Pemko P382R50 Foam


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Pemko P382R50 Foam

  • Pemko foam door seals offer the ultimate weatherization when finalizing a threshold. The foam options are durable and provide an air-tight seal against water, heat loss, air passage, and more. Weatherization products are commonly used to protect homes and property from damage from the elements and Pemko provides several options, including the foam door seals.
  • Pemko’s door seals aids in several weatherization applications. It resists deterioration from oily substances, remains flexible at high and low temperatures, and is a slightly compressible self-adhesive weatherstrip. These seals provide an effective barrier around a door or window opening. There are even Pemko products that provide resistance to fire and smoke elements.
  • Pemko’s foam door seals primarily help against the air and water penetration around doors and windows. In addition to being an easy to use product, it is highly resilient and resists ultraviolet, oxygen, and moisture degradation over a long period of time. In addition, the seals comes in rolls for easy storage and use. The adhesive backing allows for easy installation and the coiled structure assures you that you won’t run out before the task is complete.
  • The Pemko foam door seals are an excellent weatherization solution for consumers.
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