Pemko Thresholds and Gasketing Cross Reference

Pemko Part No.DescriptionHagerNGPReeseDraftsealZeroKN CrowderDHSI
151_Saddle Threshold, 1/4 x 3418S411S263DS300063
154_Smooth Top Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 5492S512S105DS505*
157_Transition/Offset Threshold, 1/2" offset x 5 1/2407S655S512104*
170_Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 4404S424* / 424FC*S204* /S424 /S4LDS400*CT-9
171_Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 5412S425*S205*DS500*8655CT-10
172_Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 6415S426*S206*DS600*656*CT-11
173_Saddle Threshold, 3/16 x 2 1/4436S410S225DS2000CT-31
174_Carpet Divider, 3/8 x 2 1/2503S*417*S266
175_Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 4404S*412164*
176_Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 7476S427*S207*DS700*6570*CT-12
18/1ASmooth Surface Threshold, 1/8" thick676SMIL408 /818 /8132BAP18600CP
18041_NBBrush Gasketing893S9600*804*DS163NB8193A.
18061_NBBrush Gasketing802S600*964DS148*W25
18100_NBBrush Gasketing801SB*601*967DS149*W24S
18137_NBBrush Gasketing806SB*E609965DS150*
18175_NBBrush GasketingG610973DS144PW33S
190_Floor Plate, Adj Threshold Component, 1/4 x 2440S8142232672
191_Floor Plate, Adj Threshold Component, 1/4 x 3445S8143233*673
192_Floor Plate, Adj Threshold Component, 1/4 x 4450S8144234674
193_Floor Plate, Adj Threshold Component, 1/4 x 6 1/8460S8146*236676
196_Floor Plate End Support, 1/4 x 1 1/8484S8134*26169CT-23
2005_TLatching Panic Exit Threshold, 1/2 x 5520SNS483DS178N65
210APKDoor Shoe with Rain Drip, 1 1/4"777SNMIL118NDS210*
211APKDoor Shoe, 1 1/4"313NA*DS211AT153A
216APKDoor Shoe with Rain Drip, 1 3/4"778SNDBA119NA*DS216*
2173AVDoor Shoe, Triple Fin, 1 3/4"26NA*111A-FLO / 111A
221APKDoor Shoe/Kickplate, 1 3/4"782SNMIL99NADS212*
234APKMortise Sweep, 1 3/16"774SNMIL112N*DS234253A
252_Half Saddle Threshold , 1/2 x 2321S470*DS222*622CT-44-1
252x226AFGTFrost Guard Latching Threshold, 1/2 x 4 1/8515SNMIL8434S*DS177X4TBAT
252x3_FGFrost Guard Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 5 1/18421S8425S282*DS501TB*625CT-45
253x3_FGFrost Guard Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 6 1/8422S8426S473DS601TB*626CT-46
253x4_FGFrost Guard Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 7 1/8424S8427S475DS701TB
254_Half Saddle Threshold , 1/2 x 4432S327S284DS444*1374*CT-804
2548ASaddle Threshold, 1/2 x 8426SMIL428E* / 428FC*DS800*CT-32
254x226_FGVFrost Guard Latching Threshold, 1/2 x 6 1/8517SV8436*S474
254x4_FGFrost Guard Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 8 1/8424S8428S478DS801TB*
255x5_FGFrost Guard Saddle Threshold, 1/2 x 10 1/8452S8430S481
270_Saddle Threshold, 1/4 x 4403S413*S404DS4000544CT-64
271_Saddle Threshold, 1/4 x 5413S513*S405DS5000*545CT-65
272_Saddle Threshold, 1/4 x 6417S613S406DS6000546CT-66
2727ATransition/Offset Threshold, 1/4" offset x 7659S714A103A
273_Half Saddle, 1/4 x 3315S814DS3333*1545*
274_Half Saddle, 1/4 x 4415S439DS4444*239CT-704
2748_Saddle Threshold, 1/4 x 8428S813*S408DS8000548
276_Saddle Threshold, 1/4 x 7430S713*S407DS6666*547
2815_MMagnetic Gasketing859S*157M*574370*W27
285_RPerimeter Gasketing861SN*108N39DS341*1370* /270*/272W47
2891_NBPerimeter Gasketing for Door Closer Mount701EP
2891_SPerimeter Gasketing for Door Closer Mount9700*
290_SCompanion Gasketing for Door Closer Mount880S700E*655*W20S
29310_PPerimeter Gasketing , Concealed Fasteners885S170P* /675129_PDS113PW32
29326_NBConcealed Fastener Brush Gasketing882SB673DS158
296_RPerimeter Gasketing880SN*132N*49DS338W16N*
297_VPerimeter Gasketing896SV156VDS75
303_PKPerimeter Gasketing891SN815DS103_T8303A*W17N*
303_SPerimeter Gasketing155S*678*8303A*
305_NPerimeter Gasketing872SN115N* / 127N103* / DS70DS142_N*50W-5
307_V / 308_VFace-Mount Door Sweep100V*M15A*DS140*3194AA*W-4
315_NPerimeter Gasketing/Door Sweep750SN* / 875S*200N* / 130N*323*DS138_N*139* / 329W11*
3151_NFace-Mount Door Sweep753SN701DS138_N-2339WA*
315SSNFace-Mount Door Sweep750S130NSS*373SSDS238SSN
318AVFace-Mount Under Door Seal14RA64A511A*
319_NPerimeter Gasketing862N*130S*403* / 770DS133*326*W50*
321_NFace-Mount Door Sweep754SN198N*377*DS136*339A
332CRPerimeter Gasketing110NADS69C312AW12
345_Rain Drip770S17DS164*11
345_VRain Drip and Sweep770SV101VDS162_V8197*
346CFrame Rain Drip (Overhead)810SMIL*16ADS166142AW-3
350CSRAdjustable Perimeter Gasket865SNMIL*103NA*DS340170AAW45
355_PT-Astragal837S*158 / 178*275*DS18041*W9
357_Security Astragal835S139183DS18644* /905*W8-2
369_PMortise Meeting Stile838S*136P86PDS369*36A*W88
375_RPerimeter Gasketing871SN* /874*122N*93C/ 76* /79*DS131*140* /322*W15 /W-6
379_RAdjustable Perimeter Gasket860SN*106N*  /141*33C* /633*DS339W42
411ANBLMortise Auto Door Bottom with Brush730SNMIL225WHDS336AN*320AA
4131_NBLSurface Auto Door Bottom with Brush222WH
4131_RLSurface Auto Door Bottom740S*222N*DS335N*CT-50
4301_RLSurface Auto Door Bottom747SN420NDS343N*361* /351*CT-52
434ARLMortise Auto Door Bottom743SNMIL422N*DS342AN*360A*CT-53
45100CNB45° Brush Seal803SBMIL*603A* /620*DS159W26
90100CNB90° Brush SweepD648984CW37-1
ACP112_Polypropylene Corner Pad / Dust PlugDS672#DP DUST PLUG
PDL_Privacy Door Latch-Flip Latch#SAL
PK33_Adhesive Smoke Seal, Adhesive Backed736S*2525C638CH488S
S44_Adhesive Smoke Seal, Adhesive Backed7285040796117S
S772Double Fin Adhesive Astragal-Meeting Stile5070#SA
S773Acoustic Smoke Seal, Adhesive Backed5075DSS998150S105 Cush N Seal
S88Adhesive Smoke Seal, Adhesive Backed7265050DSS66188SW22
355_ST-Astragal837SS*158S / 178S*275*DS180T-- 
357_Security Astragal835S139183DS18644* /905*W8-2 

Disclaimer: This is a comparison for like product. This is not a legal or binding document. Consult manufacturer’s catalogs for additional information. Please keep in mind competitor’s products are similar in function, but may vary slightly in dimensions.

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